Set Up Office in India

Set Up Office in India Global companies are more interested to open office in India today. After the tremendous growth of India in the outsourcing business, international companies are opening their own office in India. It is more of captive off shoring, rather than offshore outsourcing, that is happening in India. Abundance of knowledge based skilled workforce and relatively low operational cost in India are triggering this trend. According to a recent study conducted by Infosys, captives are increasing rapidly in India. 80 foreign companies started their India operation during the last five years, whereas, the number of captives set up in India during 1995-2000 are 20. Most of these companies are looking forward to increase their workforce by 50% each year during the next few years.

If your business is based in U.S. or Europe or in other parts of the world and you too are looking for the right opportunity to set up an office in India, hire RADOMIR for HR requirements. Human resource is instrumental for optimum growth of your company in India. You need to hire the best people and retain them and get the best out of them. For that you need to ensure better HR benefits and maintain a healthy work culture. To successfully plan and execute effective HR solution, you need huge HR infrastructure or you can hire the HR service of RADOMIR. We are a professionally managed HR service provider, with a pool of experienced HR consultants, and we are ready to provide you with the following services:

Permanent Staffing - We carry out executive search, campus selection, research mapping, and generic resourcing to ensure that you get the best people to work for you.

Temporary Staffing - Our temporary staffing solution will help you take care of sudden increase in work load or shortfall of workforce for any reasons.

Temporary to Permanent Staffing - Our temporary to permanent staffing lets you determine the capabilities of a candidate before recruiting him or her as a permanent employee of your organization.

Employee Leasing - Our employee leasing solution will let you enjoy the benefit of increased workforce without increasing the payroll of the company.

Payroll Solution - Our payroll solution takes care of monthly payroll processing, TDS, disbursal of salary, MIS reports, PF, IT, PT, and ESI.

Business HR Consulting - Business HR consulting will take care of the proper planning and execution of overall HR management.