Non IT Services

Non IT Services Radomir is a professional recruitment firm catering to the needs of various companies across verticals. We are a team driven by the highest standards of quality, integrity, trust and commitment to provide services beyond compare.

Radomir is based out in Chennai, since our inception we have been in the business scenario with a mission of serving the companies with the speed and quality that is required. Our streamlined system is tuned to understand the client requirement and select the right candidate that matches their needs, both technically and culturally. We have a transparent working atmosphere conducive for everyone's growth.

IT Talent: Outsource or In-house

We offer domestic and international placements in all industries and in all disciplines. Our areas of focus are:

• Senior Management
• Middle Management
• Junior Management
• Executive/office cadre recruitments including technical staff.

Finding the right employee is a costly and time consuming process but expert help is at hand.

At Radomir quality is our top priority. We have adopted international practices and methodologies to ensure timely and successful executive search. We utilize the in depth market knowledge and do comprehensive research in providing the best solution to our customers.

We can work in tandem with your HR team to process and screen large volumes of prospective candidate listings internally, which results in significant savings on the cost and time involved.

Committed to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, we offer personalized services with the objective of meeting the individual specific requirements of our clients in a most efficient manner. Our range of client services includes Executive Search & Selection & Advertised Selection . A brief description of these different types of services is given below:

Advertised Selection

our traditional executive search techniques and print advertising enable us in searching executives across the cross-functional levels. This approach facilitates us to widen the reach of candidate base and if required, enable us in identifying individuals with non-traditional leadership qualities. On the basis of their experience and potential, it has proved to be a highly effective mean of selecting the upcoming managers.

The Advertised selection process constitutes of three phases: -

Research & Specification

In the research and specification phase, we thoroughly research and study the client's company including their particular business needs and strategies, financial and market positions and work culture of the company. This helps us in defining and setting the key responsibilities of the role.

Development & Placement of Advertising

During the development and placement of advertising phase, we discuss with our client about the advertising copy giving information of the timing and placement of the advertisement, thereby ensuring client's confidentiality where required.

Traditional Executive Search Follow Through

Once the initial screening of respondents is over, the traditional search process begins. Before providing the client the short-listed highly qualified candidates, we meet all the candidates and question comprehensively for rigorous checking of references.

Benefits of having Radomir as a specialist recruiter

• Carrying out recruitments in short duration of time.
• Get the best deal in the service fee as well as with the availability of candidates.
• Flexibility to separate the project with the completion of recruitment drive.
• In essence, Radomir is both the Master Vendor and Sub-vendor.

Some of the other traditional services offered by Radomir, apart from the personalized services mentioned above

• Campus Recruitment Programs
• Advertised Search Management
• You get internationally bench marked levels of service in efficient time.
• Your assignment gets off-loaded to a reliable, dependable Partner
• Competence to work with a partner in who has the commitment; expertise & focus on your specific requirement.
• Saving time for you as each round of interviews can be more in-depth you choose from among near-ideal aspirants, for your specific position.
• Eases your recruitment planning process and your realistic recruitment time frames are met.
• At Radomir each requirement is taken up as a project with a timetable for every step in the process.
• More meaningful decisions are made as you get the convenience of evaluating each CV thoroughly in a shorter time.
• Unique process ensures you get an optimum number of resumes that range between 3 to 5 CV's per position.
• Convenience to you as all your recruitment needs is met by a single Executive Search Company.
• Internally at, specific consultants oversee specific levels of recruitment.