Security Policy

Security Policy "Our security policy ensures the security of your data and information by securing our premises, systems, measures at personal level and setting up the back up system." The offices of Radomir are custom bonded. Random checks are carried out to guard against any violation of guidelines.


• Random checks are carried out to guard against any violation of guidelines.
• Entry of unauthorized person in building premises is strictly prohibited.
• The premises are going too locked with Access Control Card System.
• In future, each personnel is supposed to wear the I-cards compulsorily.
• Adequate security personnel are present in building to guard the property.
• The document storage area is well protected.
• The entry of employee is restricted to their working area along with time restrictions.
• Nothing can be taken inside and out of the premises without written permission.
• Radomir is having its own security mechanism like Mail Scanning, Highly secured server firewalls etc to prevent leakage of information.
• Workstations are constantly being monitored to check any unofficial activity.
• Presence of any employee in the premises before or after working hours is carefully monitored.
• Employees are allowed to stay back in the premises after working hours only if necessary and with an approval from his immediate supervisor.


• There are no output devices in any of the systems.
• Responsibilities are strictly defined and so there is no overlapping area for work.
• Employees are provided with a unique username and password to access their system.
• Unauthorized access to the systems is strictly prohibited.
• Each employee has limited access rights to data as per his / her working requirements.

Backup Systems:

• Back up office for disaster management
• Servers and Back up servers