Infrastructure With an office in Chennai, Radomir promises an unmatched reach and all-round support to clients. We have the capability to mobilize teams across states in the minimum time. Not just nationally, but internationally our teams are engaged on some challenging assignments in Asian countries. Radomir has tied with named companies.

Our offices have been fitted with state-of-the-art technology. The IT team provides smooth and uninterrupted connectivity between all Radomir offices. As a services firm, Radomir has more computers than executives, and the IT team keeps updating them. We invest heavily in Information Technology, which is critical for a knowledge-driven services Company. Investments are being made in hardware, software, external bandwidth and internal Wi-Fi connectivity, data storage, redundant systems, 24/7 support and trainings. Our teams have hands-on-experience of the latest designing softwares.

All these provide us with a superior technological edge over the other consultants in the industry.