Permanent & Contract Staffing

Permanent Staffing:

Outsourced Staff Permanent staffing is attaining great importance in the human resource industrial stratagem of every company in today’s trend. Rightly so, as an organization that is equipped with quality and dedicated permanent staff has a greater chance of surviving and succeeding in the long run.

We focus on:

• Customized and timely hiring solutions to meet organizational requirements which shortens the TAT.
• A flexible, accommodating team that can internalize your demands, think like and function 24/7 as an extension of your HR department.
• An articulate team with strong communication skills, which can aggressively market client organizations strengths to prospective recruits.
• A team with an uncompromising attitude to business ethics.

Technical evaluation of Candidates – Being a consulting organization with cross domain expertise, our in-house consultants’ interview prospective candidates on various Technologies & domains to assess their skill levels and ensure a right fit for your requirement.

In pursuit of our endeavor to provide highly suitable candidates to our clients, we undertake search for candidates at four levels: Database search, Portal search, Advertisement based scouting and Headhunting. This process involves a comprehensive study of target industry & domain organizations, identifying known performers and scouting for their candidature.

Contract Staffing:

Radomir contract-to-hire staffing module is the made-to-order solution wherein the companies looking for its expansion plans can take this risk less staffing module. Contract- to- Hire module is a safe alternative to permanent hiring.

Unique Service Benefit of contract staffing:

• Identify your targeted candidate from our Trail Execution Module
• Reduce the Operational cost involved in permanent recruitment
• Flexibility
• Great deal of consuming time
• Inadequate planning beforehand
• Readymade solutions for your instant needs
• Maintaining the official record is no longer the client’s responsibility

How it Works

• We will be your main contact for all of your recruiting needs.
• Our contracting back-office, Top Echelon Contracting will finalize the employment contracts and handle the financial and administrative issues.
• All you have to do is authorize billing by signing the contractor’s weekly timesheet and pay the invoice.

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